Thursday, 20 June, 2019

Trump Wants to Pull U.S. Troops out of S.Korea

Trump Seeks Recovery of US Military Remains in North Korea Rep. Gallagher: less pageantry, more talk of NK's human rights record
Deanna Wagner | 14 June, 2018, 06:57

The two former "arch enemies" have both arrived in Singapore ahead of the historic meeting on Tuesday but the UN chief told journalists at the UN Headquarters in NY that "the world is watching", referring to escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Trump went on to say that he doesn't think he could have been able to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un without the death of Warmbier. -South Korea military exercises and ease crippling sanctions against Pyongyang, suggesting via state media that the American leader had explicitly acceded to two of the nuclear-armed nation's top goals during an "epoch-making" summit a day earlier.

He praised Mr Trump and Mr Kim for their "courage and determination" not to settle for "that outdated and familiar reality but to take a daring step towards change".

At the conclusion of the summit, held on Tuesday in Singapore, the two leaders issued a joint statement pledging to establish new relations, build a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, and committing to the recovery and repatriation of the remains of American prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action in North Korea.

There is even the remote possibility that North Korea could flip allegiances, just as China did in 1972.

Trump has been tweeting about his talks with Kim since Air Force One returned to the United States early Wednesday morning, arguing that the talks with North Korea have made the US safer.

The U.S. has demanded complete and speedy denuclearization of the North for fear that the subsequent verification process could be drawn out.

He said that though he asked at the last minute, Kim agreed "so quickly" and was "so nice" about it: "He understands it".

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By March this year, China imported no iron ore, coal or lead from North Korea for a sixth month in a row, in line with U.N. Security Council sanctions.

Last year, about 50,000 South Korean and 17,500 USA troops participated in Ulchi-Freedom Guardian, billed as the world's largest command-and-control exercise and aimed at defending against a North Korean attack.

North Korea has regularly signed denuclearisation agreements since 1992, only to continue to develop nuclear weapons in secret.

According to the Associated Press, the commitment to recover the remains of USA military personnel missing in action and presumed dead from the Korean War is the most tangible outcome of the North Korea summit.

North Korea echoed Trump's remark.

During his post-summit press conference in Singapore, Trump said he would stop the "very provocative" and expensive war games with South Korea to facilitate denuclearization negotiations with North Korea.

"I think we should give more encouragement to the process", Yu said.