Tuesday, 18 December, 2018

US Plans to Release American Captured in Syria in September

An ISIL flag on the streets of Raqqa Syria 2014 An ISIL flag on the streets of Raqqa Syria 2014
Deanna Wagner | 10 June, 2018, 18:22

The cash is the same amount the man was carrying when he was taken into custody, the government said.

The Defense Department "has taken all necessary and feasible precautions to ensure the safe release of petitioner", according to a court filing. The detainee said he had press credentials to do freelance writing about the conflict in Syria, though the Federal Bureau of Investigation hasn't found any published articles or blogs he wrote. We do not think it at all likely that this new issue will be resolved before then, and so the question surely will arise: Should there be yet another delay in the district court's resolution of the merits of Doe's detention, in order to see how this latest twist plays out?

The move comes as a federal judge in DC mulled an ACLU challenge to the man's detention, which had drawn unprecedented judicial scrutiny to the US's legal underpinning for the war on ISIS.

The Iraqi air force has carried out several air strikes against ISIS in Syria since previous year, with the approval of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and the USA -led coalition fighting ISIS. Hamdi eventually was sent to Saudi Arabia after he renounced his USA citizenship.

The man was questioned for USA intelligence purposes, but American officials said they lacked admissible evidence to charge him with a crime.

In April, U.S. District Judge blocked plans to transfer the man to the custody of a third country against his will.

The man has been detained as an enemy combatant for nine months, and his detention has become a test case for how the government should treat us citizens picked up on the battlefield and accused of having ties to IS extremists battling America and its allies.

The United States previously said it had evidence that he had signed up as an Islamic State foreign fighter in 2014 and entered Syria in January 2015, according to court papers.

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ACLU attorney Jonathan Hafetz said the government's "meager offer to return his money and give him a cellphone does not remotely provide any protection from the violence and danger that exists throughout Syria".

The man was born in the United States to Saudi parents.

The US government has released Wednesday ISIS member, with dual nationalities, who was detained for more than eight months in a military base in Iraq, following cases in courts and protests from humanitarian organizations.

However, according to the documents, the suspect claims to have been in Syria in an attempt to work as a journalist and had obtained press credentials.

The prisoner "did not identify a preference between the two locations and would not agree to the release" under those conditions, the Justice Department noted, adding that the Pentagon had made a decision to discharge him in the town "no sooner than 72 hours hence".

The Pentagon gained custody of the detainee after he surrendered in September to a Syrian Kurdish militia backed by the United States and was delivered to the US military.

The filing includes assurances from the government that the group has committed to "respect human rights and the rule of law" and has acted consistently with those commitments.

But Chutkan also expressed concern about the government's plan to release him to Syria, a country the government warns citizens against traveling to, and the fact he'd be released without a passport or other identification.