Monday, 27 May, 2019

A giant Donald Trump balloon set to fly across Parliament

Pic Trump Baby UK Image ‘Trump Baby’ will fly over London for two hours. Pic Trump Baby UK
Deanna Wagner | 09 July, 2018, 09:10

Murray said the activist group "didn't get off to the best start with the mayor's office", who reportedly initially didn't recognize the float as a "legitimate" form of protest.

However, he said City Hall had "rediscovered its sense of humour - Trump Baby will fly".

The balloon will fly next to Britain's Houses of Parliament at Parliament Square Gardens during the U.S. President's visit, and has been funded with almost £17,000 in crowdfunding donations.

According to Vox, the balloon was also approved by the National Air Traffic Service and Metropolitan Police and will be tethered to the ground as it flies 98 feet above the ground in Parliament Square Garden.

Celebrating Khan's decision, the team behind "Trump Baby" appeared to adopt a Twitter style akin to the president himself, calling it "sad" that the London mayor had been forced to make a deal.

He's the first Muslim mayor of a Western capital city and has voiced his opposition to Trump's travel ban on visitors from several majority Muslim countries.

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On the "Trump Baby" crowdfunding website, Murray describes the blimp as an "inflatable baby with a malevolent face and tiny hands". So when he visits the United Kingdom on Friday, we want to make sure he knows that Britain is scolding him and laughing at him.

People aren't exactly thrilled that Donald Trump will be visiting our shores in an official capacity later this year, but at least we have this, at least we have a giant fuck-off blimp to fully showcase our displeasure.

Trump, who is to meet Theresa May and the Queen among others before spending two days in Scotland, will only spend the night in London on Thursday, the day of his arrival. He criticised the U.S. president over his tweets following the terror attacks in London past year.

Leo Murray, an environmental campaigner behind the balloon stunt, said the protest was meant to play on Trump's psychology.

During his visit to London, Trump will not get a full state visit, nor will he address Parliament, which is typically an honor for a visiting world leader, Vox reports. "Trump Baby will fly!"

"You can't stop people from protesting, expressing their opinion, but I do think there's a never ending war of words, and it does cut both ways because the President invites a fair bit of it", Farage continued.