Monday, 22 July, 2019

Chicago gun protesters close part of major interstate near downtown

Chicago gun protesters close part of major interstate near downtown Dan Ryan Expressway shut down due to protests
Deanna Wagner | 09 July, 2018, 17:20

Traffic came to a full stop near 79th Street as protesters marched north on the expressway to 67th, with some stopping to write messages in chalk on the lanes that would normally be jammed with cars on a Saturday morning.

Hundreds of people took over a major Chicago highway Saturday, shutting down all northbound lanes of traffic on the Interstate 94 - better known locally as the Dan Ryan Expressway - to protest gun violence in the city.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger leads protesters into the northbound lanes of Interstate 94. Saturday. Lee Edwards/ Block Club Chicago At one point during the protest, the Rev. Michel Pfleger marched with Police Supt.

That was Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. He walked arm in arm with Father Michael Pfleger and the Reverend Jesse Jackson during the march.

"This call to protest on the Dan Ryan, however well-intentioned, is reckless", Illinois State Police Director Leo Schmitz said.

Illinois State Police drove buses and trucks. Barricades blocked one lane of the Dan Ryan Expressway at 79th. At around noon, some of the protesters began making their way off the Dan Ryan at 67th Street. Pfleger would later tell the newspaper that they had given police three weeks' advance notice and that they had permission to occupy all of the lanes. The governor is a liar.

More than a half hour later, the protesters won. "He was visiting a club and was shot and killed November 20, 2016". "I have students calling me while they're being shot at", said Mandy Tovar.

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Earlier that morning, Illinois State Police had released a statement saying protesters were allowed to occupy all but two northbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway and that police and transportation authorities would be "providing a safety barrier between the motoring public traveling on the interstate and the marchers".

Katherine Pisabaj told ABC 7 Chicago she was victim of gun violence and was marching in the protest. The south and west sides of the city, he said, faced "growing desperation" because they need jobs, education, infrastructure and justice.

"Now comes step two". "We came here to get their attention". The protesters also demanded tougher gun control laws and the expansion of background checks to cover all gun purchases and a ban on sale of assault rifles.

"When people keep ignoring you, you take it up a notch", Pfleger said.

Rauner later thanked law enforcement for their efforts to police the massive protest.

The Republican said in a tweet Saturday that he was "disappointed" in Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

"The people won today, because the people showed up... saying we're exhausted of the damned violence in Chicago", he said. This decision was made due to the heightened risks posed by anticipated actions which were recently disclosed to us.