Monday, 10 December, 2018

Eating nuts may improve sperm count, quality

Researchers said eating nuts boosted the number and health of sperm in young men in a scientific trial Want stronger, healthier sperm? Eat your nuts
Gustavo Carr | 07 July, 2018, 13:56

The team believe that could be because nuts are rich in omega-3, folate and antioxidants such as selenium, vitamin C and E, and zinc.

During the 14-week study, some participants were asked to eat 60 grams of mixed nuts - almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts - while the other group was asked to avoid nuts altogether.

The results of the experiment were presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology taking place this week in Barcelona.

Scientists made the claim after conducting a randomised trial which measured conventional semen parameters and molecular changes over 14 weeks.

Although these are statistically significant results from a randomized trial with a high level of scientific evidence, Salas-Huetos emphasized that subjects in the study were all healthy and apparently fertile men following a western-style diet.

The researchers found significantly higher levels of sperm count, vitality, motility and morphology in the men randomised to the 60 grammes per day nut diet than in those following their usual diets free of nuts.

About one in seven couples have difficulty getting pregnant and about 40-50% of cases of infertility are attributable to men.

Allan Pacey, professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield, who was not involved in the research, said it was also possible that men in the nut group might have made other positive changes to their lives not taken into account by the study.

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The researchers say their findings "support a beneficial role for chronic nut consumption in sperm quality".

This simple addition to the diet can significantly improve the quality and volume of sperm cells, as well as their motility.

Nuts are rich in many of these nutrients.

"We can't yet say that based exclusively on the results of this study", Salas-Huetos said in a statement. For the analysis, the researchers recorded not only the quality of the sperm but also the changes that occurred in several molecular factors, including sperm DNA fragmentation.

Dr Albert Salas-Huetos said the study was performed amid a general decline in the quantity and quality of sperm that men are producing.

According to Salas-Huetos one of the limitations of the study was the inclusion of healthy males with normal fertility.

Morphology - the size and shape of sperm - increased by 1 percent.

"Evidence is accumulating in the literature that healthy lifestyle changes such as following a healthy dietary pattern might help conception", Salas-Huetos writes.