Tuesday, 19 February, 2019

Fortnite Season 5's v5.0 patch notes and opening cinematic

Image via Epic Games Image via Epic Games
Adrian Cunningham | 12 July, 2018, 15:44

Hop in an All Terrain Kart (ATK) with your squad and uncover all-new mysteries and locations that await. Epic Games has also added desert outposts and a desert biome, viking ships and ancient statues onto the map, which may have fallen through the crack in the sky. As with last season's instances of this challenge, you can explore Risky Reels to locate the treasure map, or you can simply head to where the treasure is-if you know where to go. You'll also be able to see how numerous pellets from a shot hit the target, which will be displayed by marks within the reticle, allowing you to see at a glance how effective your shot was. It provides a speed boost after drifting, the roof acts as a bounce pad, and you can "work together as rear passengers to leap over obstacles".

Lean back and release at the same time for a higher jump. There are also two new locations for players to visit called Paradise Palms and Lazy Links.

The biggest change pertains to the new Rifts that are scattered all throughout the "Fortnite" battle royale map. The very first Storm circle will also consistently do 1 damage regardless of how long the player has been stuck in the Storm.

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The patch notes details a lot of tweaks that have been made to the game such as adjusted.shotgun spread patterns, heavy shotguns now firing 10 pellets instead of 5 along with bug fixes. But it's a mere dint in the $100 million kitty Epic Games has set aside for a number of tournaments over the next few years, which shows just how much excitement there is around this game.

In 50v50 or 20v20 modes, you'll now get bonus XP up to three times per match for reviving teammates.

For Switch players, V5 adds gyro motion control options to the game.