Saturday, 16 February, 2019

Frankie has responded to the news that Samira has left Love Island

Georgia and Jack's kiss on Love Island ITV2/3e Georgia and Jack's kiss on Love Island ITV2/3e
Adrian Cunningham | 12 July, 2018, 17:37

And, in tonight's episode of the show, she can be seen talking to Dani about her situation as a singleton in the villa - admitting she is struggling with being surrounded by couples.

We have to admit though, it's nearly impressive how little f*cks she gives as she goes around the villa breaking English hearts like a potential penalty shootout knockout against Colombia. "She is such a diamond", another wrote, while a third added: "She desperately needs you, I reckon she will walk!" "I am happy with Laura, we have gone through a lot and what me and her have is genuine". "Just to let you know from the outside, this whole date thing with Georgia and this kiss, it did happen and it was more a mutual kiss'". I woke up this morning and I thought, it's my time to go... I'm devastated by it.

When Laura returns to the villa after her date on tonight's episode, she heads straight to Jack to and asks to speak to him.

"He can say what he wants to say but inevitably he's just trying to get with you. I have to do this for me, I've never felt so strong".

"This opportunity was awesome and I take it with a full heart and full love".

But the boxer was left shocked when Samira responded: "I don't know if you could bring Frankie back".

Later, Idris speaks to the rest of the boys about the incident, and Kieran Nicholls jumps to Jack's defence, saying: "Jack was shying away from [the kiss]".

News broke just a short while ago that Samira has left the Love Island villa and while we knew she wasn't happy, the announcement still took us by surprise. "I just don't want to look like a mug". I've really tried and been tossing and turning about what I'm going to do.

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'I've got to go with my instinct and who my mind and heart is telling me'. I'm really happy that I'm doing this and I feel really strong.

"Basically he said to me 'Do you believe in Jack?"

The Islanders are clearly gutted by her decision but are supportive in wanting her to follow her heart.

Samira is not the first contestant to leave the villa without being dumped this series.

Taking to Instagram after his departure, Frankie wrote, "Thank you so much to everyone that has showed me support along the way It was such a great experience from start to finish!"

And fans were quick to comment on the cute snap, with one writing: "Samira should leave and come see her man becauseeee".

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.