Tuesday, 19 February, 2019

Hearthstone Labs Leak The Boomsday Project Expansion

Myra's Unstable Element Above Myra’s Unstable
Cecil Davis | 13 July, 2018, 02:08

The fact that it's unlisted implies Blizzard isn't quite ready to do a full reveal yet, but there's already a card reveal livestream set up for July 23 to detail some of the new cards coming in The Boomsday Project. The expansion will also feature legendary spells, for the first time in Hearthstone. Myra's Unstable Element is the kind of quirky ability that initially seems bad, where you draw your whole deck and instantly go into fatigue - but with the right combination of cards (like, say, Dollmaster Dorian), it could create a power combo finisher that would catch any opponent by surprise.

The Boomsday Project card packs will be winnable in Hearthstone's Arena mode, and players can purchase them with in-game gold or real money at the same prices as Hearthstone's other card packs.

The Omega cards will grant some major benefits to those who have 10 mana crystals.

Blizzard recently introduced the hero Wrecking Ball toOverwatch and is preparing to launch World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, but that doesn't mean the developer has forgotten about its addictive card battler Hearthstone. For example, Omega Defender, a 4-cost 2/6 generic minion with Taunt, comes with a Battlecry ability that gives it an additional 10 attack when the player has 10 mana crystals.

The Boomsday Project will introduce 135 new Hearthstone cards, with new mechanics that may shake up the digital card game.

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What can you expect from those cards? Players will marvel at the discovery of nine new, immensely powerful Legendary Spells!

"And they'll tremble before the awful power of Omega cards, which give incredible rewards when played at ten mana crystals!" We'll have to wait for more reveals to find out what effect "Dr. Boom, Mad Genius" has when he takes over for Garrosh.

In The Boomsday Project's single-player mode, The Puzzle Lab, players can earn Dr. Boom's favor by solving over 100 different mind-boggling puzzles. You may be able to theorize what you'll be doing by taking a look at the screenshots below. It's clear that ΩMEGA cards are going to make big changes to the meta.

The Boomsday Project will be available on August 7th, and you can preorder a 50-pack bundle that includes a free golden Legendary and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back for $49.99, or the 80-pack Mega Bundle with all of the above as well as the Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock Hero for $79.99.

More information on The Puzzle Lab will be released at a later date. Mountain and Molten Giants are now part of the Elemental tribe.