Monday, 22 July, 2019

HTC in the fall will release a new Android smartphone

HTC is making a blockchain phone HTC details its Exodus blockchain-based phone, confirms Fall release - news
Cecil Davis | 14 July, 2018, 04:58

Today Chen updated that HTC Exodus, the company's foremost blockchain phone may land in the market by the end of third quarter this year.

"Exodus is described by its makers as 'the world's first phone dedicated to decentralised applications and security".

However, HTC Exodus said (via its official Telegram channel) that the layoffs would not affect the blockchain smartphone project. The "world's first major blockchain phone" is still shrouded in mystery, though the company did reveal a couple of key details this week at RISE in Hong Kong meant to keep folks interested while it irons out the rest of the product's hiccups.

Leading the development team at HTC Exodus is Phil Chen, the creator of HTC's Vive VR viewer, who said on the smartphone with blockchain: "In the new era of the Internet people are generally more aware of the value of their data, which is a flawless opportunity to allow users to regain their digital identity".

Unlike the HTC U12+, the HTC Exodus will have an old-school design and we might not see a dual camera setup or even an 18:9 aspect ratio display like the HTC U12+.

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Cryptokitties is the first in a planned range of apps for the blockchain ecosystem.

The Exodus' main feature is the built-in cryptocurrency wallet, which is expected to ease the process of exchanging digital assets and coins by removing the need for excessive apps and tools power the sending and receiving of crypto funds.

HTC said it will also launch its own blockchain network, with each Exodus smartphone acting as a node and facilitating transactions.

According to a quote from HTC's Chief Crypto Officer, the phone's focus seems to be on sensitivity to data and ownership to digital identity. It turns out that we are waiting for another top phone at an inflated price-but the HTC is waiting for another failed financial report for the year 2018. The Exodus device should be available in early Q3 for the first users, the company said.

In an interview, the HTC reps mentioned the company's plans to launch an HTC utility token one day.