Friday, 19 April, 2019

Instagram model bitten by shark: 'Next thing I knew I was underwater'

Image Instagram  Katarina Zarutskie Image Instagram  Katarina Zarutskie
Sandy Nunez | 11 July, 2018, 22:40

Katarina Zarutskie was holidaying in the Bahamas, with her boyfriend and his family last month when she chose to go swimming with nurse sharks in the marina, NBC reports.

A model was bit on the wrist by a nurse shark as she swam in the ocean during a family trip to the Bahamas, has learned.

Despite warnings from her boyfriend and his family, the nursing student and native of California had purposely gone into the water, which had nurse sharks - known to be harmless to humans - swimming nearby.

While she had her boyfriend's father taking the photos for her, she spilled: "I leaned back, and then that shark, he came and he bit down on my arm and pulled me under".

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Immediately after getting out of the water, Zarutskie went to a clinic at the marina and had her wound cleaned and wrapped. Katarina posted them to social media, where she's been overwhelmed with comments asking for details. "I just felt this huge - it nearly felt like 15 different people were holding onto my arm, really, really hard", Zarutske said. "I've seen countless photos of people with them on Instagram". "I am so fortunate that I still have my arm and my life". She added the locals were "very encouraging" in telling her to try the activity.

As for Katarina, she know that the sharks didn't do anything wrong.

"They took the information they wanted and really spun the story in a way that I'm a stupid blonde Instagram model", she says. "I guess you know you have to take it with a grain of salt and it comes with the territory". She said doctors told her she still has pieces of shark teeth in her arm. She had to get several stitches and was put on a round of antibiotics.

An aspiring model and college student found out the hard way that swimming with sharks is not a good career move.