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Kieran Trippier pays tribute to England fans

British Airways pilot Neil Rowe poses with fans at the England Sweden quarter-final match in Samara British Airways pilot Neil Rowe poses with fans at the England Sweden quarter-final match in Samara Credit Alex Morton Getty
Cary Erickson | 10 July, 2018, 12:37

Years of major tournament disappointment has led to waning excitement around the Three Lions but this summer has seen hope and enthusiasm return in spades.

Hear the story of Young's success from teachers at John Henry Newman School, ex-Watford assistant manager Nigel Gibbs and ex-Watford assistant academy director Chris Cummins. Meticulous preparation - including a trip to the United States to take in an National Basketball Association game - the selection of specific players with strong dead-ball delivery, and the defensive nature of high-pressure tournament football has led to a point where set pieces could yet lead England to a second World Cup title.

To even be at this stage is a remarkable change in fortunes given it is just two years since the Euro Championship humbling by Iceland - a galling loss compounded by Sam Allardyce's ignominious exit after 67 days. We managed to stop Messi and [Christian] Eriksen so hopefully we can stop Kane.

"If you'd asked me before the tournament, I'd have been happy with this young team getting to the quarter-finals", he said. We have completed it.

Gareth Southgate's men were not high on the list of pre-tournament favourites but knockout victories over Colombia and Sweden have left them one win from a first final appearance since 1966.

Best of luck and let us know how you do.

England's Harry Maguire, right above, scores his side's opening goal during the quarterfinal match between Sweden and England at the 2018 soccer World Cup in the Samara Arena, in Samara, Russia, Saturday, July 7, 2018.

Beyoncé And Jay-Z To Headline Global Citizen Festival In South Africa
There will be 100,000 tickets and 70,000 of them are free for you to earn by doing your bit to alleviate poverty in society. The event will be hosted by Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell , Gayle King, Bob Geldof, Tyler Perry and Forest Whitaker.

England fans at the World Cup in Russian Federation have smashed numerous myths created by the United Kingdom media ahead of the tournament, when the press portrayed the host country as a hostile nation riddled with racism and hooliganism.

They said that nobody had attempted to kill them upon their arrival in Russia, dispelling fears that "Russian hooligans will beat you up the minute you walk into the country".

The youth development worker, catches people sneaking snapshots of him with their mobile phones during his daily commute and has even missed his train while posing for photos on the platform with Harry Kane fans.

Walker is also confident that Raheem Sterling will also see his hard work rewarded.

"Raz, he's a nightmare for us defenders", Walker added.

On the memes and celebrations: "I think a lot of the guys, like me, they've switched off to it".