Thursday, 25 April, 2019

Las Vegas police release dashcam video of deadly shootout with murder suspects

Video captures police opening fire on suspects during pursuit Dramatic video shows police pursuit, officer shooting through car windshield
Deanna Wagner | 18 July, 2018, 05:25

Dramatic body camera footage shows a police chase and shootout near downtown Las Vegas on July 11.

Hours later, Umana spotted an SUV matching the description of the suspects, and gave chase. Police were told a person was shot multiple times. Sheriff Tim Kelly in the below briefing, the suspects, armed with a S&W40VE, a Glock 21.45ACP, and a Taurus PT111- the latter reported stolen- fired 34 rounds at the officers. The second suspect, 30-year-old Rene Nunez, was wounded and taken into custody.

Police said Miranda had two guns with him: a.40-calibre Smith and Wesson model SV40VE and a.45-caliber Glock Model 21. That man later died at the hospital following the chase.

Two suspects fled the scene in an SUV described as an early 2000 Ford Expedition.

Failing to put an end to the chase, Officer Umana puts his own safety on the line by pulling directly alongside the vehicle to shoot seven more times out of his open side window. Nunez ran from the vehicle and tried to hide on school grounds before he was caught and arrested.

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Miranda was handcuffed while medical was called but was soon pronounced dead at the scene, the paper said, adding that Officers Umana and Solomon were not injured.

The two suspects allegedly fled after a July 11 traffic stop conducted by cops investigating the murder of a man near a vehicle wash, FOX5 Vegas reported.

"In my opinion, they show a level of bravery, professionalism, heroics, that we come to expect of our officers". Both men were later determined to be felons with lengthy records.

Nunez now faces multiple charges, including murder.

Both officers were placed on routine paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.