Monday, 18 February, 2019

Polish Historian/Scientist Continues Interview As Cat Climbs On His Head

The video was shared on twitter by Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma The video was shared on twitter by Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma
Deanna Wagner | 12 July, 2018, 14:44

A Polish political scientist and historian was appearing on Dutch TV to discuss the forced removal of Polish judge Malgorza Gersdorf by the ruling PiS party when his ginger cat chose to make a rather dramatic appearance. Targlaski didn't miss a beat. Amazingly, Targalski was unfazed by his cat, even moving Lisio's tail out of his way when it covered his eyes.

The video is going viral with over 2.3 lakh views and most Twitterati were left in splits. During the talk, Targlaski looks nearly unfazed by the cat on his shoulders. He doesn't knock the cat down, he merely holds the tail so it doesn't keep covering his face.

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In the interview, Dr Targalski spoke about the political situation in Poland, amid a government crackdown on the country's independent supreme court. However, a small glimpse of the interview was used in a segment aired on Dutch TV channel NTR, seen below around the 3:56 mark. The program got another scene with the scientist and his cat: one of them Targalski reading a book at the same time stroking the pet.