Monday, 22 July, 2019

Robin Wright breaks her silence on Kevin Spacey

‘House Of Cards’ Actor: Robin Wright Fought To Save The Show After Kevin Spacey Scandal Robin Wright ‘led all of this charge’ to save ‘House of Cards,’ Patricia Clarkson says
Adrian Cunningham | 09 July, 2018, 15:38

Robin Wright is opening up about her former House of Cards co-star Kevin Spacey, who was removed by Netflix from the narrative of the hit series following accusations of sexual misconduct on the set before the show's upcoming final season.

His downfall began when actor Anthony Rapp alleged he was 14 when Spacey, then 26, made a sexual advance to him in 1986.

Spacey was eventually dismissed from "House of Cards" after the claims emerged.

In a recent interview with CBS' The Talk, cast member Patricia Clarkson, who plays Jane Davis, Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade and a veteran of the DC lobbying shenanigans, revealed that Wright played a huge role in saving a lot of jobs.

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'It was truly the great Robin Wright rallying.

"We have attractive showrunners, Frank [Pugliese] and Melissa [Gibson], and they killed themselves to rethink the whole show", Clarkson added. "Robin led all of this charge so that people would save their livelihoods because when the show goes away some people don't get paid", explained Clarkson. The sixth season, which will include just eight episodes, will be the show's last. "I think it's gonna be a stunning, stunning new season".

At the end of season five, Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, quit the Oval Office, allowing his wife Claire (Wright) to take the presidency.

Wright is credited with saving the series' final season, which will conclude without Spacey and with the additions of Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear.