Monday, 10 December, 2018

Rumor: LeBron James was leaning toward the Lakers for ‘months’

LeBron James GETTYLeBron James could soon have some high-profile talent to accompany him in Los Angeles
Adrian Cunningham | 13 July, 2018, 04:18

It sounds simple, but that's what we've heard all along-that going to L.A. just aligned with what LeBron wanted personally.

While West was blunt in his assessment of the Lakers' acquisition of James, he was clear that he was happy for the four-time NBA MVP and he wished him luck with the Lakers.

However, around midnight Wednesday morning, vandals threw paint on the mural, prompting Never to cover it up entirely.

'I thought I had learned a long time ago to never touch religion or politics, ' said Never.

'I got a ton of support, ' Never said. 'I guess it is never touch religion, politics or anyone against Kobe'.

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Undeterred, Never painted over the vandalism and tried to modify his message by removing the "of" from "the King of LA", making it less a declaration of James's status in his new digs and more a nod to his nickname.

'I know when to cut my losses, ' said Never, who has also painted a Kobe Bryant mural.

Never says the reactions to his mural were mixed, overall. "At first when we had the original piece, there was a ton of positivity, but also a ton of like pro-Kobe, anti-LeBron sentiment".

James's decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this month seemed rooted in his desire to start planning for life after the National Basketball Association. '[Kyle] Kuzma, LeBron, Lance Stephenson blowing on LeBron'.

"I do think another chapter for him will probably involve [a move] and the Knicks situation is so flawless for someone who is still going to be playing at elite level to walk in and finally [compete], with Kristaps Porzingis on your right side which is no joke".