Monday, 18 February, 2019

Sprint is excited to announce that it’s making its mobile plan worse

Sprint adds an Unlimited plan without high-resolution video Sprint's adding a $70/month unlimited plan and neutering its $60/month one
Cecil Davis | 14 July, 2018, 10:13

Sprint's current single unlimited plan is becoming two new plans, Unlimited Basic or Unlimited Plus because the word unlimited no longer has any meaning or value.

The one simple all-you-can-eat Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan is now phased out and Sprint is replacing it with two new unlimited plans that are more complicated and a bit more expensive.

Unlimited Plus features unlimited talk, text, and data, full HD (1080p) streaming, 15GB hotspot data at LTE speeds (3G after), unlimited talk/text plus 10GB of data in Canada/Mexico, and subscriptions to Hulu's limited commercial option and Tidal Premium. Under this promotional pricing, Unlimited Plus costs $50 a month for a single line, with a second line available for another $30, and lines three through five costing $10 each.

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Sprint's new "Unlimited Plus" plan costs $70 per month for one line of service or $180 for four lines of service, though customers can get a $20 per month discount on each line of service if they bring their own phone or buy one outright. Adding a second line costs $50, subsequent lines go for $30/month.

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But rather than sit and wait for regulatory approval, Sprint is rolling out some changes to its current unlimited plan to make it worse, or more expensive, depending on which option you choose.

Sprint's Industry-Leading Unlimited Plans Just Got Even Better! Global roaming for text and data is free for 185 destinations - travelers to Canada and Mexico will get unlimited talk, text and data with up to 5GB of LTE speeds. Indeed, it will now restrict video quality to 480p and reduce LTE hotspot usage from a whopping 10GB to 500MB.

Along with Hulu, Unlimited Plus includes the Tidal music service, with music streaming up to 1.5 Mbps.

Unlimited Basic is a similar plan only with more throttling. That's also true when roaming in Canada and Mexico. And Sprint's 4G LTE network is the most improved in the US with national average download speeds up 30.9 percent year-over-year, more than any other national carrier.6 Sprint is making its largest network investment in years and its Next-Gen Network build is well underway. Good only on July 13. If there's any consolation to this price shuffling, it's that LTE data throttling when you're connected to a congested cell tower will happen after 50GB instead of 23GB.