Monday, 22 July, 2019

Thai Cave Rescue Operation Suspended After 4 More Boys Freed

Here's What You Need to Know About The Thai Kids Who've Been Stuck in a Cave for 2 Weeks Thai cave rescue operation saves four, just as Elon Musk preps mini submarine made from Falcon tube
Cary Erickson | 10 July, 2018, 07:44

The boys and their coach, all from the "Wild Boars" soccer team, became trapped by rainy season floodwater on June 23rd when they had set out to explore the vast cave complex after soccer practice.

Eight have been rescued so far in an operation that began on Sunday. The head of the Thai rescue operation told reporters that the mission Monday went smoothly, and has asked for three more days to rescue the remaining four boys and their coach from the Tham Luang caves.

For the final operation tomorrow, Mr Narongsak said the rescuers would use the same plan with some adjustments because the number of survivors to be extracted would be five instead of four as was the case for the last two days.

Hospital authorities said the first group of four boys rescued on Sunday were in good health and they were mulling letting their parents meet their wards from Tuesday but from a glass door separation. He said the boys rescued Sunday were strong and safe but needed to undergo medical checks.

Thai officials started the rescue operation on Sunday as weather experts predicted more rain in the coming weeks. Pairs of divers shepherded the boys on the long and painstaking journey out of the cave, navigating muddy and silty water through tight passages. "Asked for there not to be rain", Osatanakorn said. The boys are being kept isolated on the eighth floor of the 14-story hospital as their parents wait anxiously to see and comfort them, officials said.

A source involved in the rescue mission who saw two of the four boys walk out of the cave told Reuters that they looked exhausted but healthy, adding that one even looked "vivacious and fresh".

Two divers will accompany each of the boys, all of whom have been learning to dive only since July 2, when the first searchers found them.

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Workers have been laboring around the clock to pump water out of the cave, and officials said Monday that despite heavy downpours overnight, water levels inside the cave did not rise.

The hands form a circle, symbolizing the bond and the joint effort by several global teams to rescue the boys. The message, like most posted by the SEALs, ended with the fighting cheer adopted from the US Navy: Hooyah. "We will have to do the next mission as successfully as the one we did today". Relatives were able to see them through a glass partition, the governor said.

The 12 boys and their coach wrote short notes to their families, urging loved ones not to forget their birthdays as well as making requests for crispy pork and fried chicken.

Manning paid tribute to former Thai Navy SEAL Saman Kunan, who died after delivering oxygen tanks in the cave. Furthermore, by drinking the cave water - even if they licked water dripping from the walls and didn't drink water on the ground - the boys could have contracted lots of bacteria that could also cause gastrointestinal problems.

"In terms of re-feeding and the regaining of strength, there's only a certain amount of energy that you can re-accumulate, and it doesn't happen in just a couple of days", Auerbach said.

More worrying, however, oxygen levels in the chamber where the boys sought refuge were falling.