Monday, 22 July, 2019

Trump Slams NATO Spending on Eve of Departure for Summit

NATO Fears Trump May Threaten to Pull Troops From Europe If They Don't Increase Spending Is Nato next target in Trumps quest to remake world order in US interests
Deanna Wagner | 10 July, 2018, 17:16

President Donald Trump highlighted the chasm between the massive defense spending of the United States and that of other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, putting member states on the defensive before the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels.

"Wow!" And in multiple tweets, he reiterated a familiar theme, complaining that the USA is shouldering an unfair share of defense costs overseas: "NATO countries must pay MORE, the United States must pay LESS", he tweeted. "Not fair to the US taxpayer", Trump tweeted earlier in the morning, calling the situation "Very Unfair!" "I think we'll see more and more countries developing relationships that they think will benefit them in an era when they can't count on the United States the way they used to", said Goldgeier. However, many members pitch in far less than that figure, while the USA puts in more than 3 percent of its GDP.

"Dear America, appreciate your allies".

Trump has shown little regard for America's traditional bonds with the Old World, publicly upbraiding world leaders at NATO's new headquarters a year ago for not spending enough on defense and delivering searing indictments of Western trading partners last month at an worldwide summit in Canada. This is not only $4.7 billion more than Germany is slated to spend on its army in 2018, but it also exceeds previously proposed increase for 2019 by $785 million.

The European Council President said: "I would like to address President Trump, directly, who has been criticising Europe nearly daily".

"Vladimir Putin, to say that he's a competitor, to say it's too early to say what his intentions are, we have plenty of documentation", Avlon said.

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The president also took aim at the European Union, saying the "being taken advantage of" by the economic bloc.

Mr Tusk responded to the United States president on Twitter, claiming that the United States won't have "a better ally than EU".

According to an internal European Union memo obtained by Bloomberg and using BEA figures, when including trade in goods, trade in services and primary income from investments, the USA has a 12 billion-euro surplus with the EU. In March he criticised the U.S. president's claim that "trade wars are good and easy to win", countering that "they are bad and easy to lose". During this scrum, Trump said that the meeting with the Russian president "may be the easiest of them all".

Some diplomats fear the president will threaten to pull troops out of Europe without more spending on defense, despite US denials. "And to say that Putin is a friendlier, easier meeting than with our oldest allies in the world is simply jaw-dropping". He also let US defense spending fall.

"We protect Europe (which is good) at great financial loss, and then get unfairly clobbered on Trade". But plans for a full-fledged summit had been delayed amid the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional probes into whether Trump campaign aides coordinated with Russian Federation to help Trump win the election.