Monday, 18 February, 2019

Wimbledon could detract from cup final, jokes Roger Federer

Fans celebrate in Bristol as England scored its second goal against Sweden on Saturday Fans celebrate in Bristol as England scored its second goal against Sweden on Saturday Credit Matt Cardy Getty Images Europe
Cecil Davis | 12 July, 2018, 03:31

The men's singles final, scheduled to begin at the traditional time of 2pm on Sunday, will not be moved to avoid a clash with the climax of the football tournament, organisers have confirmed.

The World Cup final in Russian Federation is due to kick off on July 15 two hours after the traditional 2 p.m. start of the men's Wimbledon final-meaning a very likely overlap.

France will face Belgium in the first semifinal Tuesday at 7 p.m. locally; England take on Croatia in the other semifinal Wednesday at 7 p.m. We didn't receive a single complaint from anyone who was here who felt their enjoyment of the tennis was interrupted and I'm sure it'll be the same next Sunday.

We had superb tennis going on and we were benefiting from modern technology where people were able to follow the football, enjoy it, without disturbing other people.

"I gather it wasn't very successful because it did interrupt people's enjoyment of the tennis and what we did last Saturday actually did work very well", added Lewis.

Roger Federer saw the amusing side of a possible World Cup-Wimbledon final clash and was more concerned about what effect the tennis could have on the viewing ratings of the football.

There had been talk of the World Cup final being shown on the big screen on Henman Hill at Wimbledon, but that has been ruled out.

Justin Timberlake will show England-Croatia game at London arena before concert
FiveThirtyEight gives England a 57 percent chance to reach the final, compared to Croatia's 43 percent. We can feel the energy and feel support from home and it's a very special feeling, a privilege for us.

"What will happen next Sunday is Centre Court will be packed for the men's final and I'm sure people will be able to follow the World Cup final", Lewis told reporters on Monday. "They'll hear every point, Wow, Love-15, 15-30", the Swiss said with a smile.

Lewis is quoted in the Guardian saying: "People get Wimbledon, and we get the balance right".

Lewis has become exasperated by stories that the AEC has been indifferent to the national wave of affection which has engulfed Southgate's football team.

"We have a very strong public wi-fi signal and it worked brilliantly on Saturday", he said.

"We are a tennis tournament but we are aware that there is something special going on elsewhere". Jeremy Dier (the father of England star Eric Dier) is a member of the club.

Federer, who cruised through to the quarter-final of the men's competition on Monday, said he was not anxious about the football disrupting Sunday's final.

Ten years ago, Nadal triumphed over his great rival in a five-set epic which ended at 9.16pm (2016GMT). "And I thought that went really well".