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Aretha Franklin: Remember The Legendary Queen Of Soul’s Life In Pictures

Aretha Franklin the Aretha Franklin dead: Queen of Soul passes away at age 76
Cary Erickson | 17 August, 2018, 11:42

The long-reigning "Queen of Soul" died at her home in Detroit, after battling advanced pancreatic cancer.

The singer was born on 25 March, 1942, in Memphis, Tennessee, but it was Detroit that became her home.

And Miami's own musical queen, Gloria Estefan, added her heartfelt tribute: "For as long as I can remember, Aretha Franklin has been the absolute zenith, the guiding light, the master for any girl that aspired to sing or even just appreciated someone at the top of their game".

Aretha Franklin performs in NY in 2001.

Her last public performance came last November at Sir Elton's Aids Foundation's 25th anniversary gala in NY.

Rest in peace Aretha Franklin.

You don't know of Aretha Franklin?

"The greatest voice in American popular music has been stilled".

"'Respect' started off as a soul song and wound up as a kind of national anthem", her producer Jerry Wexler told the 2014 biography's author, David Ritz. Her gifts, natural and acquired, were a multi-octave mezzo-soprano, gospel passion and training worthy of a preacher's daughter, taste sophisticated and eccentric, and the courage to channel private pain into liberating song.

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"Aretha didn't write 'Chain, ' but she might as well have". She was first recorded at his New Bethel Baptist Church on the album "Spirituals" at age 14. But she kept pursuing her dream. She had her second child two years later at 14 while she was on a gospel music tour with her father.

Aretha's songs continue to resonate. And although she signed with Columbia Records in 1960, it wasn't until signing with Atlantic Records seven years later that she found success.

Tributes to the "Queen of Soul" have flowed in from entertainment figures. A then-22-year-old Eric Clapton played on her stunning 1967 track, "Good to Me As I Am to You," while a young Duane Allman famously lent his talents to a number of Franklin recordings in the late Sixties.

"Absolutely heartbroken she's gone, what a woman. In her prime, Aretha's voice took listeners to a place that few other artists' voices could take them", Carpenter said.

Singer John Legend called her the greatest vocalist he had ever known.

Franklin, who was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005, was the subject of a singing tribute at the February 2011 Grammy Awards ceremony and a Carnegie Hall tribute concert in early 2017. For more than six decades since, every time she sang, we were all graced with a glimpse of the divine. She never stopped caring.

Aretha Franklin tragically passed away on August 16, after reports that she was "gravely ill".

Lou Adams, 77, who had seen Franklin perform at the Apollo, said she was one of the greats. First married to Ted White, who became her manager and publicly abused her, Franklin later married actor Glynn Turman in 1978 but they divorced in 1984.