Sunday, 17 February, 2019

Fortnite for Android goes "off market"

Fortnite on Android How To Get Android 9 Pie Digital Wellbeing Feature On Essential Phone, OnePlus 6 Right Now
Cecil Davis | 11 August, 2018, 05:40

Fortnite on Android has been a much anticipated launch, following the popular battle royale game's release on iOS devices earlier in 2018.

Epic has shared a few more details about the upcoming Android release of Fortnite.

Note that you will need to wait about 24 hours after doing so for the app to actually work: When it does, you will see a Digital Wellbeing entry appear in Settings. Now, the game is available from the App Store.

Even more concerning than the malware threat with just Fortnite for Android, however, is what this could mean for other app developers going forward.

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Now, the fundamental difference between iOS and Android, which is open versus closed source will cost Google a hefty amount of money. Perhaps as a precautionary measure, Google has started to mentioned directly on the Play Store that Fortnite is unavailable for download - in order to prevent users from downloading fake apps. Below that, the Play Store continues with the normal search results, which includes the competing PUBG mobile battle royale game.

Malicious developers have already been targeting Android users looking to download Fortnite. Following Fortnite's success on Android other game developers will also follow suit.

Fortnite for Android beta is now available, but not on the Play Store. Malware can also come bundled with the actual official Android version of the game downloaded from an unofficial third-party.

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