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Fredericton police chief says force is struggling with deaths of officers

Fredericton police officer Sara Burns 43 leaves behind her husband and three children Fredericton police officer Sara Burns 43 leaves behind her husband and three children
Gustavo Carr | 15 August, 2018, 17:53

Matthew Vincent Raymond, 48, will appear in court on August 27th to face four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Bobbie Lee Wright, Donnie Robichaud, Const. Robb Costello and Burns. "I was hoping for the two seconds that I was groggy that it was kids blowing off firecrackers", said MacCoubrey in a phone interview from inside his apartment, where he was sitting on the floor away from windows.

"He seemed like a reasonably normal person".

"He'd been coming in on nearly daily for a coffee since 2010 and often stayed for an hour or two on the patio in the evenings", Doyle said in a Facebook message Sunday evening to The Canadian Press. "He was always polite and pleasant".

"He loved being a police officer and he lived for being a police officer", McLean said.

Flowers are placed on a makeshift memorial outside the police station in Fredericton on Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018.

While little is known about the alleged gunman's potential motives, police have begun piecing together what happened.

It was about 7 a.m. on Friday when the first shots rang out, shattering the peace and quiet of Lawrence Perrin's morning routine.

"This is a moment to remember the two courageous officers who fell in the line of duty and the other two victims and all of their families and the communities that are pulling together", he said.

Police later entered the apartment and found the suspect had been shot in the abdomen.

Trudeau had planned to march in Sunday's Pride parade in Fredericton, but his plans changed after the shooting.

She also said that a book of condolences will be available to the public in the council chambers of Fredericton City Hall on Monday.

"I wanted the song to show the world their braveness and sacrifice they made to save others", Cochrane said.

"She represents the best of the best", he said.

Even after the initial gunfire, she said the true gravity of the situation only hit her when more police in tactical gear arrived in an armoured vehicle, and she saw them mounting "a big gun" on the roof.

As of Saturday morning, the area surrounding the crime scene remained cordoned off by yellow tape, but police allowed some shaken residents through to check on their pets.

Gaudet added that the body camera evidence was downloaded and provided to the RCMP as part of its homicide investigation.

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Bullet holes riddle an apartment window at the scene of Friday's shooting.

Joe Cartwright emerged from the building to say all the doors in the complex had been kicked in and one of his cats had escaped.

"We are aware of that information that has been shared publicly as well", Fitch said.

Costello, who was a 20-year veteran of the force, noted on his Facebook page that he also studied at Holland College.

MacCoubrey said police had searched the buildings and went through his apartment.

"There was no playing off what those sounds were, he knew it".

"(She was) one of these people you always feel comfortable around, she was always down to earth", said Williams, Liberty Lane's executive director.

Police have asked anyone who captured photos or video of the incident to come forward.

Burns had served with the Fredericton police force for two years, as well as an auxiliary officer for two years prior.

Local resident Scott Daniel, who also did not know the victims, was moved to start an online fundraiser for the families of those who died.

"It's just not supposed to happen here", she said, her voice catching.

When questioned on gun control, Trudeau said there would be "time to reflect on what we need to be doing to ensure the safety of citizens and their communities".

"Robb was the single most positive person I have ever met; and that was obvious to everyone who met him", the statement read. He had a special way of dealing with people - fair, but strong and tough when needed.

He thought of the fear the responding officers must have felt, and the children of the victims whose parents wouldn't be around to tuck them in at night.

"It is just unfair, cruel and senseless. He was the only officer I've ever known to write a ticket and have the recipient thank him for it".