Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Ky. Sen. Rand Paul invites Russian lawmakers to Washington

039;Kremlin Aggression Act' is not a topic for talks with America says snr Russian senator The Day After Trump Admits to Attempted Collusion, Rand Paul Invites Russian Delegation to Washington
Deanna Wagner | 08 August, 2018, 23:20

In a meeting at Russia's upper house of parliament, Paul also invited Russian lawmakers to meet with members of Congress, in Washington or elsewhere, Interfax news agency cited him as saying.

This is the second trip for US lawmakers to Russian Federation.

"I am pleased to announced that we will be continuing this contact", Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said in Moscow. "I invited the Russian Federation to send a delegation to the Capitol, and they have agreed to take this important next step", Paul said.

Sen. Paul said he visited to show Russians that there are "many Americans who want to have diplomacy, that want to have engagement".

He said he opposed new sanctions legislation against Russia that was backed by a bipartisan group of USA lawmakers last week, but said he represented a minority voice, Russian news agencies reported. Republicans spoke to their foreign counterparts in July, ahead of the Helsinki summit, to discuss several issues including Russian meddling in USA elections.

Eight prominent US intelligence groups, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security, independently concluded that Russian Federation did meddle in the 2016 elections.

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The delegation with Paul included Phillip Huffines, a Texas Republican who ran unsuccessfully in a primary race this spring, and Peter Goettler, president and CEO of the Cato Institute, the conservative Washington-based think tank.

Russian state media also reported that Slutsky asked Paul about Maria Butina, the Russian national charged with conspiracy to act as an agent of Russia within the US.

At the conclusion of the hourlong meeting between Paul and Kosachev, Kosachev reiterated Russian President Vladimir Putin's claim that his government did not interfere in the 2016 US election. Paul has been one of Trump's most outspoken supporters following the criticism Trump faced - including from some within his own party - for the US President's handling of his meeting with Putin in July.

Paul's was the second unusual diplomatic overture to Russian Federation by Senate Republicans in a month, following the visit of a larger delegation led by Sen.

"They're not going to admit it in the same way we're not going to admit we were involved in the Ukrainian elections or the Russian elections", Paul said. "Certainly it will not happen during the ongoing election campaign either", he said.