Monday, 22 July, 2019

Samsung Officially Launches the Galaxy Note 9

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If you hand over a Note device, you will get €200 instead, which should make the upgrade less heavy on your pockets. At the other, it's also catering towards the need of business users by upgrading the phablet's S-Pen.

As the number of big smartphones with big batteries grows in Asia, Samsung has generally been reluctant to follow the trend with its popular Note series.

At a mega event in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 with a bigger battery and an improved S Pen stylus that packs a few new tricks. The idea is that you can use the extra screen to play a video or presentation while using the phone as you usually would. The top and bottom bezels on the device are also slightly thinner than its predecessor Samsung's also refined the phone's design with a special "diamond cutting" technique for seamless form.

The Note 9 camera uses AI to identify what's in the shot and adjust the lighting and colors accordingly.

Powered by Samsung's Exynos 9810 chipset, the Note 9 is blazing fast.

"Moving towards the display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4" sAMOLED panel with QHD+ resolution and 514ppi pixel density.

These are just some usage scenarios Samsung highlighted with the new Bluetooth-enabled S Pen. In my brief time with the device, there's absolutely no noticeable performance hiccup, and it can open multiple apps very, very quickly.

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Sporting a "water carbon cooling system", the Note 9 supposedly has three times bigger thermal spreader than a conventional smartphone. There's also an exclusive Fortnite beta for Galaxy owners, including Note 9 buyers.

At the software front, Samsung's tweaked the Note 9's rear camera by allowing it to now display any photograph errors on the screen prior to the image being snapped.

Samsung is about to launch its highly-anticipated Galaxy Note 9, the latest phone in its premium smartphone range.

Samsung usually rolls out flagship phones in select markets first, but for now, we don't know which markets (other than the U.S.) will be included in the first wave.

The new phone gets an internal storage upgrade, too.

Although the Note 9 comes with several new features, it's far from a gamechanger, according to Werner Goertz, a research director at Gartner who covers personal devices.

Eager customers can pre-order the Galaxy Note 9 starting tonight at midnight (12:01AM EDT).