Thursday, 20 June, 2019

Debate swirls over the search of Botham Jean's apartment

A Fox Station May Have Helped Police Smear A Black Man Killed By A Cop Fox News Slammed For Smear Campaign Against Black Man Murdered In His Own Home
Deanna Wagner | 16 September, 2018, 15:31

According to Fox 4, a warrant listing several items found in Jean's house became public record after it was signed and returned to a judge. He was black. The officer was white.

Even Dana Loesch, the NRA spokeswoman who recently faced criticisms of her own after saying that Jean might still be alive if he was a "law-abiding gun owner", took offense to the framing of the tweet.

The Dallas Police record says that Jean met Guyger at the door, while Guyger told the Texas Rangers that Jean was across the room when she entered the door that was "ajar".

It has been the standard practice of the department to await indictment by a grand jury before firing police officers, although there have been situations in the past where an officer was sacked prior to the grand jury's decision. They held American flags and shouted "Botham Jean" as they walked.

Now, that seed has been shattered...a different officer...a different unarmed victim. this one shot in the peace and quiet of his own home by an off-duty officer who thought that home was hers.

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The local Fox television affiliate, KDFW, was roundly criticized for its initial reporting on the release of the report on the search's findings, drawing scorn from figures across the political spectrum for focusing on the marijuana, tweeting: 'DEVELOPING: Search warrant: Marijuana found in Botham Jean's apartment after deadly shooting'.

Downloaded data from the electronic door locks could possibly reveal whether the door to Jean's apartment was locked and what key was used to enter if it was, according to Lee Merritt, one of the attorneys representing Jean's family. Merritt had complained about the issuance of past warrants and the release of the information that was collected. The warrant was for the search of incriminating evidence like weapons or drugs, as if that would give some justification as to why a police officer essentially broke into his home and shot him.

Lawyers for 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean said police were trying to "criminalise the victim".

As of now, Guyger has been charged with manslaughter and released on bail, although she could reportedly face more serious charges. Jean's mother is speaking out and she is demanding accountability.

CNN has called Guyger's attorney, but has not heard back, and has reached out to the Dallas County district attorney's office and the Texas Rangers for comment. She said Jean ignored her verbal commands, and she fired two shots, hitting him once in the torso, the affidavit said.