Saturday, 20 July, 2019

Fair Toronto election 'virtually impossible' amid council-cutting fight: clerk

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney and his daughter Caroline arrives for the Spirit of Hope benefit in Toronto Darren Calabrese CP Former prime minister Brian Mulroney and his daughter Caroline arrives for the Spirit of Hope benefit in Toronto
Sandy Nunez | 16 September, 2018, 07:56

Scheer would not say whether he thinks Ford's decision this week was an appropriate use of the measure, saying it is up to the people of Ontario to make that call, not pundits, academics or politicians from other levels of government.

City staff said they have printed two sets of voter cards - one for the eventuality of 47 wards, one for the 25 - which are scheduled to be mailed to voters soon.

Tabled Wednesday, the controversial bill passed first reading during a raucous session that saw New Democrat MPPs engage in a noisy protest that resulted in many of them ejected from the legislature.

The meeting at City Hall comes a day after Premier Ford invoked a rarely used constitutional provision to ensure the progress of the council-cutting legislation after a court found it was unconstitutional.

The NDP said Thursday that it will challenge the bill under rules that preclude legislators from introducing substantially the same bill twice in one session, and that bar the legislature from debating a item now before the courts.

Harrison says that Ford made a decision that he is well within the law to make.

But with such contentious legislation from the Ford government, we expected a lively and informed debate Wednesday; after all, there are a plethora of constitutional and procedural points that the opposition could have brought to the fray.

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Commencing at 1 p.m., the Saturday sitting won't feature question period but instead focus on routine proceedings, the source said.

Toronto had challenged the province's council-cutting legislation in court and a judge agreed that passing the bill in the middle of municipal election campaign violated the freedom of expression rights for voters and candidates.

"We will never stop standing up for Toronto and the rights of our citizens", said Tory.

"The fact of the matter is that it is part of our Constitution. and it is I would say a necessary part of the Constitution to ensure that the power lies within the people that are elected by the people in this great democracy that we call Canada".

But Ford quickly announced he'd use the notwithstanding clause to override the ruling.

The Liberal MPs say the issue is not partisan and that the correct response to a court decision is to file an appeal.

The Big City Mayors' Caucus at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities also threw its support behind Toronto on Thursday, criticizing Ford for his actions.