Friday, 21 February, 2020

John McCain Laid To Rest: Photos From His Touching Memorial Service

Deanna Wagner | 01 September, 2018, 06:58

McCain's wife, Cindy McCain, and other members of his family watched from the steps of the East Plaza as his casket was carried into the Capitol.

During his last term in the Senate, in which he has served since 1987, McCain directly challenged the Trump administration and his fellow Republicans on many issues, becoming the deciding vote against the repeal of Obamacare previous year.

Dignitaries await the arrival of the casket of Sen. "With that being said, I respect his service to the country". Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were among those in attendance, along with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Biden advised McCain's friends and family to remember snapshots of him, such as a glance or a touch.

The church's senior pastor, Noe Garcia, pronounced McCain "a true American hero". "Depending on the issue, you knew John would either be your staunchest ally or your most stubborn opponent", said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who frequently clashed with Senator McCain on issues such as healthcare and campaign finance reform.

McCain was involved in planning the events around his funeral.

John McCain, attends a memorial service at the U.S. Capitol Friday.

None of the speakers at the North Phoenix Baptist Church on Thursday uttered Trump's name.

He said his friend "could not stand the abuse of power wherever he saw it, in whatever form, in whatever country". And he spoke directly to McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, in the front row: "You were his ballast".

Trump won't say if Sessions' job is safe after November
Last week, some senators raised the prospect of replacing Sessions after the midterm elections. Bloomberg said Trump declined to comment when asked if he would keep Sessions past then.

At the end of the almost 90-minute ceremony Thursday, McCain's casket was wheeled out of the church to My Way, in tribute to a politician known for following his own path.

A memorial is left outside the Arizona State Capitol Rotunda where US Sen. "At any moment, he might be preparing an eloquent reflection on human liberty - or a devastating joke, served up with his signature cackle and that John McCain glint in his eye".

Trump hit back, saying of McCain's 5-1/2 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam: "He was a war hero because he was captured".

On Saturday, McCain's casket will move to Washington National Cathedral for a funeral service.

One noticeable absence from the celebrations is US President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump said in a statement after the criticism: "Despite our differences on policy and politics, I respect Senator John McCain's service to our country and, in his honour, have signed a proclamation to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff until the day of his interment".

Asked by Bloomberg whether McCain would have made a better president than Barack Obama, who McCain lost to in 2008, the president wouldn't say. "I have a very strong opinion, all right".

A few firefighters saluted from atop a fire engine parked on an overpass as the motorcade passed underneath on Interstate 17.

Family, friends, lawmakers and guests gathered in the vast Rotunda for a memorial service.