Thursday, 20 June, 2019

Man arrested over video of emus being hit by vehicle

Still unidentified. Man mows down emus on dirt road Still unidentified. Man mows down emus on dirt road
Deanna Wagner | 22 September, 2018, 01:06

A Victorian man has been charged after footage emerged of emus being mowed down.

A man in Australia accused of deliberately killing several emus with his vehicle and then posting a video of it online has been arrested, police announced Friday.

Three possible suspects had been identified in South Australia, NSW and Victoria by the RSPCA as the organisation issued a national plea to find the man.

The footage shows a man allegedly filming himself running down emus while laughing hysterically on an outback road.

"This is f**king great", he said.

In the video, the male driver is heard cheering as he strikes the birds on a dirt road with his vehicle.

A young man has been charged after horrific video surfaced of a driver laughing while mowing down a group of emus.

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Police said the emu killings occurred this month in northwestern Victoria.

The video was posted on social media and is now being examined by authorities.

He is expected to face Ouyen Magistrates Court on November 9.

Two men who resemble the driver from the video have been inundated with abuse on social media.

The unidentified motorist's face can be seen in the 41-second video.

"Any real man would have handed [themselves] in instead of letting people like myself get the blame and left traumatised after the [hundreds] of death and rape threats that were sent to me".