Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Man who filmed himself mowing down emus caught

An unidentified driver was seen plowing into emus in a video recently posted to Facebook Driver plows into emus in attack described as 'sickening cruelty': video
Deanna Wagner | 23 September, 2018, 10:56

Three possible suspects had been identified in South Australia, NSW and Victoria by the RSPCA as the organisation issued a national plea to find the man.

As a herd of emus runs along the road in front of his auto, he swerves, purposely mowing them down, one after another.

The culprit can be seen driving a four-wheel drive vehicle down a dirt road, before ploughing into at least a dozen of the birds, counting each time he hits one.

About 20 seconds later, the video shows the auto approaching a mob of emus which are running away from the vehicle.

A man who allegedly used his 4WD to mow down a mob of emus in Victoria's north-west has been charged with several animal cruelty offences.

Police there said the alleged the incident occurred between September 1 and Thursday this week in Cowangie.

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The footage caused outrage after surfacing online earlier this week. On Friday, they said they were examining a lead in South Australia.

In 2013, another Australian man faced similar animal-cruelty charges after posting a video of himself riding an emu to work like a horse.

"F**king emus... This is f**kin' great - I've got that one too, and that one", the man says, cheering and laughing as he strikes the fleeing birds.

Victorian Police based out of Ouyen, near Mildura, questioned MacDonald and charged him with several offences.

Ms Jones said tagging and identifying people through social channels and the media won't necessarily bring the offender to justice.

In the footage, the mustachioed man smashed over the emus before he appears to turn the camera on his own face.