Friday, 23 August, 2019

New Suppressed Assault Rifle

Get Victory IRL with Fortnite Nerf Blasters and a Monopoly board on the way NERF Fortnite blasters bring battle royale to real world backyards
Cecil Davis | 13 September, 2018, 11:15

More interesting than a new weapon, however, is the removal of a controversial one.

"This is to fix a few issues and is separate from the v5.40 Content Update". Take on even more aggressive Husks with Week 6 of the Horde Challenge.

The Drum Gun was originally added at the tail end of Season 4 back on July 3.

On the Fortnite subreddit, Epic Games confirmed the download stating that this will be for an update to the game. As of the v5.40 content update, the contentious weapon has been vaulted. Sneaky weapon that rewards attach of abode off discipline with precision.Could per chance perhaps also honest additionally be found in Vending Machines, ground loot, Cherish Chests, and Provide Drops. Teased via an in-game message earlier this week, users can now get their hands on the Suppressed Assault Rifle. The damage is comparable to a rare (blue) Assault Rifle which does 33 damage per shot.

The Weekly Store for Fortnite also saw the addition of the Wraith Assault Rifle.

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In a unusual turn of events, the Drum Gun Submachine Gun has been vaulted. Any reasoning for the gun being vaulted hasn't be given. Since its inception, the Drum Gun has dominated the game's meta, an essential tool in virtually every situation. Presently the closest alternative would be a rare Silenced Submachine Gun.

For instance, players can "no longer land on the van without building". This rifle is an exceptional weapon when players shoot it in an orderly fashion with increased headshot damage.

- Player models will no longer get stuck under the van after winning a match.

The Fortnite Nerf guns are, according to Hasbro, created to "immerse fans into the player-versus-player action of the game, letting them play out the battle royale in real-world settings with blasters and accessories that emulate the onscreen battles Fortnite is known for".