Saturday, 20 July, 2019

Nintendo Delays This Week's Direct After Hokkaido Earthquake

Nintendodirect Nintendo Direct cancelled because of Japanese earthquake
Cecil Davis | 14 September, 2018, 02:15

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However, Nintendo announced on Twitter that the Direct has been delayed, due to a large scale Japanese natural disaster.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has made a decision to delay the debut of this Direct due to a natural disaster that hit Hokkaido, Japan last night. They plan to announce a new time/date "in the near future".

The Nintendo Direct that the Japanese gaming giant was planning on holding was meant to last for 35 minutes and focus on Switch and 3DS games.

The House of Mario yesterday revealed that a Nintendo Direct was scheduled to take place on September 6 or September 7 - depending on your time zone. But what will they be featuring? It's certainly no small feat for the system which has two very large releases on the way later this year with Pokemon Let's Go and Super Smash Bros. Additionally, the release of Super Mario Party is October 5, making that a candidate for discussion during the stream.

The Direct will nearly certainly feature Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC Torna ~ The Golden Country, Super Mario Party, and Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! Are we expecting Erica or Sabrina next?

Leaks suggest Google could be working on two new ChromeOS notebooks
But this could still be a trend that Google will pursue for its next generationof Pixelbook designs - just not to this extreme. The Pixelbook shown looks very similar to the original released in 2017, but with much smaller bezels.

The company may also announce more details on the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch Online service, which will be coming later this month.

The game was originally supposed to release in 2018, but was then delayed until 2019. According to their website, there's twenty at launch, but only ten have been revealed so far.

Presumably Super Smash Bros. Is it Geno? We hope so. From this page, all you need to do is wait until the fun starts.

Do you think this could be the new, real name for the upcoming Yoshi game?

"Gamers want to play various games of various types, so the most important thing is that these people who love games are happy".