Saturday, 24 August, 2019

Saudi Arabia arrests man for sharing BREAKFAST with WOMAN in viral video

Man arrested for sharing breakfast with woman in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Has Arrested a Man After an 'Offensive Video' Showed Him Sharing Breakfast With a Woman
Deanna Wagner | 13 September, 2018, 14:35

That is, at least when compared to a lovely parcel of oil wonderland named Saudi Arabia where women can not even show their faces in public.

The woman, who is draped head-to-toe in an Islamic niqab, can be seen waving to the camera and feeding the man - who was filming the event - with her hand.

Government regulations instruct that workplaces should ensure a separate setting for both female and males employees.

Local media reported that the man was Egyptian. Most of the public outraged by completing the 30-second video, when the woman appears to be she feeds her husband.

An Egyptian man working for a multinational company in Jeddah was arrested for appearing in the video after he chose to upload the video on social media.

For most activities, women are required to be accompanied by a male guardian, typically a close male relative.

As sad as it sounds, some residents were furious as only the man was being punished. "Laughter, eating at the workplace. where are your limits?"

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Some users in Saudi said how colleagues should be allowed to joke or eat together which are purely harmless acts.

Another Twitter user, Hammoud Alduhayian, said: "Developing jobs for Saudi women among foreigners is considered an explicit breakdown of customs, traditions, and values".

People in Saudi Arabia can now apparently get arrested for something as trivial as having breakfast with a colleague of opposite gender.

Under his helm, Saudi Arabia in June ended a long-standing ban on women driving and launched a number of projects aimed at attracting tourists.

The ministry confirmed that it had "arrested an expatriate in Jeddah after he appeared in an offensive video".

Much of that is now changing under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who curbed the powers of the religious police in 2016 as part of ambitious social and economic reforms.