Saturday, 20 July, 2019

Sen. Bennet on why he’ll vote no on Kavanaugh

A woman holds up a sign in protest on Tuesday during the Senate confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh The Washington Post via Getty Images A woman holds up a sign in protest on Tuesday during the Senate confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh
Deanna Wagner | 14 September, 2018, 04:57

The aim, after all, is to win confirmation, and in these partisan times, an ill-chosen phrase can be damaging to a nominee's prospects.

Cory Booker defied Senate Judiciary Committee rules, posting to his Twitter account four emails "about racial profiling" designated "committee confidential" related to Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.

The Democrats made lame attempts to trip up Kavanaugh on a number of issues, but the judge patiently and calmly listened to insults and absurd questions and held his own. "And I understand the significance of the issue, the jurisprudential issue, and I understand the significance as best I can; I always try, and I do hear, of the real-world effects of that decision, as I tried to do all of the decisions of my court, and of the Supreme Court".

"I think that the average independent voter - the labor family that voted for Trump last time but is now reconsidering - people like that don't think that screaming in a hearing room is a particularly effective strategy or a signal of a party that they much want to belong to", said Sen. He noted that he grew up in the Washington area when there was a lot of gang and gun violence.

"The way we stand up is by deciding cases and controversies independently without fear or favor", Kavanaugh said. But Collins said others jumped to conclusions without giving Kavanaugh due consideration.

Opponents of Kavanaugh's nomination pounced on his use of certain terms in the context of abortion and affirmative action to assert that he was sending a signal to conservatives that he is on their side, despite his measured rhetoric. And John Dean, Richard Nixon's White House counsel who cooperated with prosecutors during the Watergate investigation, said the high court with Kavanaugh on it would be "the most presidential powers-friendly court in the modern era". To in the words of Marbury v. Madison, "to say what the law is". And part of that is giving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on those precedents that could be involved in that.

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By turning the Supreme Court into a super legislative body, the left has thrown off the balance of power among the federal branches.

Abortion was another main focus throughout the hearing, with Democrats portraying Kavanaugh as a judge who might vote to undercut or overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision establishing a constitutional right.

Kavanaugh called Garland "a great judge - a great chief judge, and he's very careful, and very hardworking, and we work well together". And he cleared up any remaining doubt on the second day of his confirmation hearing - despite the fact that nearly no one noticed.

But the sports references didn't stop there. That image stood in contrast to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' more stinging description of the court as "nine scorpions in a bottle".

Klobuchar also pressed Kavanaugh on his view of executive power and whether the president is above the law.

He said it's important to remember that Kavanaugh, 53, is a young man, and if he gets the Senate votes to become the 114 justice, he will "be there for a long time and will write clear opinions". "In fact, 100,000 pages or more have not been seen", she warned. Over three days of non-stop interruptions and grilling from 21 senators, Judge Kavanaugh has proven he can exhibit and has exhibited these abilities over the past three days and over the entirety of his twelve-year career.