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Technology 2021: A first look at concepts for F1's future

The concept car for 2021 was revealed yesterday and Hamilton was impressed The concept car for 2021 was revealed yesterday and Hamilton was impressed
Adrian Cunningham | 16 September, 2018, 15:27

A concept vision image of the 2021 Formula 1 auto has been leaked across social media giving us a glimpse of what to expect with the new generation offering.

Three proposals showcase a few different directions the 2021 F1 racer could go, though none of them move the needle in a particularly dramatic fashion.

Formula One showed off a vision of its auto of the future on Friday (Sep 14) and world champion Lewis Hamilton liked what he saw, even if Ferrari were less excited. "With the current cars, when they get to within two to three auto lengths, they can lose 50 per cent of performance, the tyres degrade more and it becomes very challenging". So we set about understanding why that was and how we can improve it. "They look better but there are a lot of technical reasons why we want them". I think the confidence in F1 has since increased. But there is also a desire to have cars that look so good, kids want to have posters of them on their walls. "That's a subjective thing, of course, but most people who have seen the schemes, we're looking at, feel it's a more exciting looking auto", the official said according to Grand Prix 247.

"So I'm pretty optimistic that we're going to produce some great-looking cars that are going to be able to race each other much more effectively than they were in the past".

Although the final regulations have not yet been agreed upon, Brawn presented three concepts that have been developed by Formula One's aerodynamic group with the help of a designer. At each stage, as we have been evolving the vehicle, we've had someone we are working with create a graphic representation artist to give us a feel of what the auto could look like.

"They said it's a bit underwhelming in their opinion and it looks like an old Champ Car but it's an exercise".

Hurricane Florence on Course to the Carolinas
People rushed to get emergency kits ready, map out escape routes, fill sandbags and secure their homes. "It's a big one", he said. That storm killed as many as 3,000 people and left the entire island without power for weeks and in some locations months.

"We're listening to what the fans want, we want to engage with their passion, we want them to feel that Formula One is listening to them".

Due to be introduced for the 2021 season, it'll be the first major rule change since Liberty Media took over ownership of the sport from Bernie Ecclestone and CVC in 2017. Further details have just been released on the official F1 website, we'll be sure to have a peruse over these and garner information on some of the key changes.

Brawn, who won F1 titles with Benetton, Ferrari and finally his own team, is also hoping the sport's new look will get youngsters involved.

"We're short of engineers of the future".

"We want cars that are going to excite young people".