Friday, 24 May, 2019

'Veronica Mars' Revival Gets Series Order at Hulu, Coming in 2019

Film Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars Kirsten Bell is bringing back Veronica Mars for another series
Adrian Cunningham | 21 September, 2018, 06:08

Netflix grabbed Arrested Development (for better or worse), Amazon picked up The Expanse, and Hulu saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Hulu has given the Veronica Mars revival an eight-episode order, and the platform is characterizing it as a "limited series".

The news, of course, comes not only over a decade after the beloved, critically-acclaimed series finished its 3-season run on the CW back in 2007, but also four years after it made its first comeback on the big screen in 2014 - through the form of a crowdfunded spin-off feature film. That campaign raised $5.7 million compared to its target of $2 million and was, at the time, one of the most successful Kickstarters yet. Those rumors were confirmed today. In addition to hosting the upcoming revival of the highly-underrated mystery program, Bell also let the cat out of the bag that Hulu will make the previous three seasons of VERONICA MARS (as well as the Kickstarter-funded feature film) available to stream by Summer 2019.

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Fans can look forward to eight new episodes in the new season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While they can be purchased on video-on-demand services or DVD, they are not now available for streaming on any platform in the United States. Domestic Television Distribution for SVOD rights to all past episodes of the original Veronica Mars.

"A new #veronicamars series is coming back, on @hulu!" Fans of the series are likely to hear about it and thus be exposed to the network or platform.

Last fall, Bell promised that a Veronica Mars revival "is going to happen" when Thomas called her in the middle of a Facebook Live video. Veronica is drawn into the investigation, as the mystery will pit the wealthy elites against the working class.