Saturday, 24 August, 2019

Video shows Harvey Weinstein fondling woman before alleged rape

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Releases Video of Creepy Business Meeting Before Alleged Rape New Video Shows Harvey Weinstein Inappropriately Touching Rape Accuser
Adrian Cunningham | 13 September, 2018, 13:58

I constantly felt trapped, no matter where I turned.

Now, a video has surfaced that shows the creep in action during a meeting with businesswoman Melissa Thompson, reports Sky News. A few hours after, at his hotel room a few blocks away, Thompson said Weinstein raped her. After the door closed, he approached Thompson, who tried to shake his hand.

"That's nice. Let's keep it up".

As the two sat side by side to look at the laptop, Weinstein caressed her shoulder. "Am I allowed to flirt with you?" he asks near the beginning of the meeting.

She replies: "A little bit... a little high, that's a little high, that's a little high".

In the video, he also says: "Let me have a little part of you. It's okay. Would you like to do it some more?"

Ms Thompson replies: "Ummm we'll see, a little bit". Instead, Thompson said, he raped her. "His eyes became dark", she recalled to Sky.

In the video, Thompson is polite and friendly with Weinstein, but at one point he reportedly touched her leg off-camera. "I had entered that fight-or-flight mode and I was scared of him". She was there to pitch a new start-up video-analytic service.

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A television network has aired video of Harvey Weinstein fondling a woman who accused him of rape. Weinstein's shifting behavior made her unable to think straight, she told Sky. "I had never met anyone that I couldn't handle, until Harvey Weinstein", she said.

Thompson told Sky News that she did feel she ever encouraged Weinstein's advances and felt that he was playing a game of "cat and mouse" with her to test her limits and identify her vulnerabilities. Instead, he brought her to a hotel room where he allegedly raped her.

Throughout the meeting, Weinstein continually makes suggestive comments toward Thompson. Thompson said he then invited her to another meeting at a Manhattan hotel restaurant later that day she believed would close the deal. "We don't have to live with being raped when we think we're going to a business meeting", Thompson said.

"Several respected journalists and trustworthy individuals have seen the entire video".

Weinstein's lawyer said the full video "demonstrates that there is nothing forceful" and shows "casual, if not awkward, flirting from both parties".

Anything short of that is meant to make Mr. Weinstein appear inappropriate, and even exploitative. "This is a further attempt to publicly disgrace Mr Weinstein for financial gain, and we will not stand for it. Facts do matter", the lawyer told People magazine.

Weinstein has been indicted on sex crime accusations involving three women in NY but not Thompson, according to the AP.

Meantime, prosecutors in the criminal case filed papers Wednesday challenging defense claims that they withheld evidence from a grand jury that could have helped Weinstein deny the allegations, including emails proving he had a consensual relationship with one of the alleged victims. But she says when she met Weinstein around 10 pm, he asked her to follow him and led her straight up to his private room. They added that secret grand jury minutes provided to the judge showed they presented evidence "fairly and in a manner that was not misleading".