Saturday, 24 August, 2019

Alexa Can Now Whisper to Avoid Waking Your Baby

2018 Ford with Alexa Alexa Has a New Whisper Mode, Here’s How to Use It
Cecil Davis | 21 October, 2018, 16:58

And that's going to be really useful when you don't want to disrupt anyone, like when your kid is sleeping.

'Whisper Mode is a new feature that allows you to whisper to Alexa, and she will whisper her response back to you. There's no word regarding when Whisper Mode might launch to global markets.

Amazon is expanding the ways you can interact with Alexa yet again.

TechCrunch reports that the whisper mode is rolling out to users in the US, and works in US English only for now.

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Amazon had loads of new stuff to announce at a surprise September 20 event, including a redesigned Echo Show with a larger display, refreshed versions of the Echo Dot and Echo Plus, a trio of new Echo-branded products focused on a premium audio experience, and even an Echo Wall Clock. To enable it in the app, open your settings menu, tap "Alexa Account", then head into "Alexa Voice Responses" and toggle "Whispered Responses".

In order to bring whisper mode, the team had to build a neural network to figure out when you are whispering and the text-to-speech team had to figure out how to have Alexa whisper and play a lullaby.

If Alexa's whispers freak you out and you'd rather her talk in a normal voice, just say "turn off Whisper Mode". - "Alexa, turn on Whisper Mode".

'If you're in a room where a child has just fallen asleep, and someone else walks in, you might start speaking in a whisper, to indicate that you're trying to keep the room quiet, ' Amazon's Zeynab Raeesy said.