Saturday, 24 August, 2019

Australian man admits kidnap and rape of British backpacker

Face-tattooed predator 23 admits to raping a British backpacker after kidnapping her and holding her hostage for months during a 1,500km nightmare trip through the Outback Marcus Allyn Keith Martin Marcus Martin admitted kidnapping and raping the woman in Australia in 2017
Deanna Wagner | 21 October, 2018, 14:25

It had been alleged the man first met the British backpacker in Cairns and became involved in a brief relationship with her. He had previously pleaded guilty to charges including assault occasioning bodily harm, wilful damage, and strangulation or choking.

The pair agreed to start a road trip through Queensland, but Mr Martin then began to hold the woman against her will.

Following her rescue, the victim had to be hospitalized for the treatment of multiple injuries, including facial fractures, the Guardian reported.

The woman was rescued after she appeared shaken and traumatised at a petrol station in south-west Queensland.

Speaking shortly after the woman was rescued, Detective Inspector Paul Hart of Queensland Police said: "She is a tourist, a lot of the areas where she would have been would have been unknown to her, and she wouldn't have known anyone there, so it would have been hard for her to make an escape".

Service station attendant Beverley Page recalled her being in a "state of shock when she came in, nearly zombielike".

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The rescue was prompted by a service station owner in Mitchell calling police to report concerns about the woman. She had said she had come from England.

The woman, who staff noted was crying and "in a state of shock", said she could not pay for fuel and drove off without paying.

Prosecutors discontinued 10 other charges including eight counts of rape, one of serious cruelty to animals, and torture, given Martin's guilty plea.

Her captor, Martin, was found in the back following an inspection.

Martin's sentencing date will be set during his next court appearance, in February 2019.