Monday, 27 May, 2019

Banksy implies shredding of $1.4M painting was incomplete

Banksy Girl WIth Balloon Banksy implies shredding of $1.4M painting was incomplete
Adrian Cunningham | 19 October, 2018, 02:45

Nearly two weeks after Banksy shared a short video via Instagram confirming that he was behind the shredding of his famous Girl With Balloon artwork while at auction, the artist has released a director's cut video documenting the stunt.

One of the biggest stories in the art world this year was street artist Banksy having his painting "self-destruct" just moments after the work sold for almost $1.4 million at auction.

As the gavel fell on street artist Banksy's Girl with Balloon (2006) for £860,000 ($1.13 million)-catalog Lot 67 and the evening's final offering-the "spray paint and acrylic on canvas, mounted on board" began to slowly slip through a built-in shredder hidden within the frame as the prankster artist posted on Instagram "Going, going, gone". When last we spoke of it, the unknown collector who bought it seconds before it was partially shredded had chose to keep it.

Banksy makes the reveal in a video posted on Wednesday, explaining that in practice runs before the auction, the entire painting was shredded to bits, leaving an empty frame and a pile of scraps.

Girl With Balloon appeared on a wall in Great Eastern Street, London.

The footage shows how a button was pressed to trigger an alarm from the painting, as part of it was sliced into strips.

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Onlookers at a Sotheby's auction earlier this month were left gobsmacked when, just moments after selling to a European collector for more than £1m, the famous artwork "self-destructed", with the bottom half reduced to strips dangling from the bottom of the frame.

A clip of a canvas shredding in full is seen in the video with the caption: "In rehearsals, it worked every time".

The artist defended the shredding with a quote from Picasso: "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge".

The buyer has said she will keep the artwork as her "own piece of art history".

The glitch makes the new form of "Girl with Balloon" much easier to display on walls, and the art experts say the artwork, now renamed "Love Is in the Bin", is now worth significantly more than the $1.4 million paid by the victor (who has chose to keep the piece).