Friday, 24 May, 2019

Battling discrimination and stigma against mental health

Britain appoints new minister to prevent suicides The high economic toll of mental illness
Gustavo Carr | 12 October, 2018, 03:02

On stigmatization: "Instead of treating those facing mental health conditions with the compassion we would offer to someone with a physical injury or illness, we ostracize, blame and condemn".

"There is always a need to highlight the issue of mental health illness and to address it".

The article explained that around the world, mental health conditions cost roughly US$2.5 trillion per year, "a figure that is expected to balloon to $6tn by 2030 unless we take action". Without factoring in suicide, mental health issues are projected to reduce economic growth in both India and China by more than $9 trillion respectively between 2016 and 2030.

Global firm Dechert has introduced mental health "first aiders" into its workforce, as the debate around wellbeing in the legal sector grows. It will also teach those kids, as well as other kids who don't have anything, that mental illnesses are not scary and everyone can still be amongst each other without problems.

THE Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association yesterday held a symposium highlighting World Mental Health Day and promoting awareness of mental health issues. These are just a few of the challenges of working with behavioral health clients that makes mental health nursing such a fascinating and rewarding career. Adewale, therefore, called on the National Assembly to pass the Mental Health Bill without delay in the interest of Nigerians before the situation gets out of hand.

Britons killed in Majorca flooding named locally amid rescue efforts
Local television showed footage of beach umbrellas floating in the sea near S'Illot, one of the affected coastal villages. Helicopters and search dogs were also dispatched to the scene, the country's emergency military unit added.

As a result, mentally ill people were increasing on the streets of Accra because patients were being asked to contribute to their care. "We all know that a young person with support, stability and the information will usually lead to a positive healthy adult". If you have children, I urge you to take a minute to check in on them and talk to them about mental illness, depression, anxiety, bullying, happiness and all of the things we sometimes take for granted or ignore. Suicide doesn't just affect the individuals taking their own lives but also that of their friends and families and those closest to them. In Zimbabwe, some community members are holding counseling sessions on public benches as a neutral space to have conversations about mental health struggles, and here in Canada, Bell Let's Talk Day continues to drive the conversation forward.

" Psycho social support can be provided in schools and other community settings and course training for care providers to allow them detect a manage mental disorders because, prevention begins with being aware of and understanding the early warning signs and symptoms of mental illness", Kufre said.

"We need to open up functional counselling centres in our institutions of learning and within the society generally".

India needs web-based online portals such as the District Mental Health Programme (DMHP) to reach out to its vast population.