Monday, 27 May, 2019

Bigg Boss 12 Day 32: Deep, Dark Secrets Are Revealed

Kim Sharma will reportedly enter Bigg Boss 12 along with another television star Kim Sharma will reportedly enter Bigg Boss 12 along with another television star
Adrian Cunningham | 19 October, 2018, 06:24

The aspirants of the captaincy race continued to bargain over the division of carrots during the Ghoda Gadi task and spent the night in the open area to protect their share. On the other hand, the Ghoda Gaadi Wala's would need to convince the ghoda's to run for them. The owner with the maximum distance covered would be the victor and become one of the contenders for captaincy. Sree becomed agitated and attempts to leave the Bigg Boss house once again. The girls smile telling him that their competition would be reduced. But the excitement does not end there as Sreesanth tries to make a break for the wall with the housemates running after him to try and talk sense and stop him. "I'd like to thank you from his bigg boss" platform. he pointed out my name and told the interviewer. Each contestant is working hard to ensure that they cover the maximum distance. One of which will create a turmoil between the contestants.

Surbhi asks Sreesanth to get down but he replies rudely, which doesn't go down well with her. He even spat on Deepak's name, enraging everyone in the house. The plan was that she will wipe clean Deepak's scoreboard, and she gets Urvashi Vani involved also.

Sreesanth's sporadic behaviour was one of the key highlights of the house. In his defence, Sreesanth said there was nothing weird about using spit to remove something written on a board.

In the meantime, Surbhi has called Sreesanth the most unstable person she has ever met in her life.

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A bout of emotions has taken over Urvashi who is upset with Deepak for ignoring her and feels neglected.

While the task was going smoothly, things got intense when Sreesanth stepped on the treadmill and started walking fast for Dipika.

In a conversation with Anup Jalota, Sreesanth shared an incident post the world cup win, where during an interview there was no mention of him or appreciation of his performance until Sachin Tendulkar pointed him out and went onto praise him.

Well, after Nehha's surprising eviction, a lot of her fans have started a campaign with #BringBackNehha as they want to see her back on Bigg Boss 12.