Tuesday, 25 June, 2019

Breast Cancer Still Endangering Lives Of Women

Is meat consumption linked to breast cancer risk Click for full image
Gustavo Carr | 06 October, 2018, 23:11

Consuming processed meats such as bacon, ham, sausages, salami and beef jerky may increase the risk of developing breast cancer, researchers claim.

Women who eat processed meat regularly were 9 per cent more at risk of suffering from breast cancer as compared to those who did not consume processed meat on such regular basis. He said: "This is an observational study that only serves to give rise to alarmist headlines about processed meat and not to provide any causal link between processed meat and cancer".

"Cutting down processed meat seems beneficial for the prevention of breast cancer", added lead author Dr. Maryam Farvid, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The world cancer research Fund recommends that, in General, to limit the consumption of red meat, and doctors often suggest to people who can't do without these products to limit their absorption of 70 g per day, which is equivalent to one sausage or half a Burger.

It is the chemicals involved in the processing which could be increasing the risk of cancer.

"Annual mammograms can be eliminated for those at high risk", says Olopade, who says that the best way to detect breast cancer in this group is an MRI every six months. This includes those with dense breasts as well as those with specific genetic risks. "It can find invasive breast cancers sooner than mammograms, and it can rule out abnormalities that appear suspicious on a mammogram". "If that's the case you should come in and get it evaluated", Dr.

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Diet. Diet is thought to be responsible for 30% to 40% of all cancers.

Angela Thomas was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Smoking can also interfere with cancer treatment. A new study indicates that this important vitamin may not only reduce breast cancer risk, but reduce breast cancer mortality.

Lake Gaston Auto & RV outside Littleton and Roanoke Valley Auto Works in Roanoke Rapids are participating in Brakes for Breasts as part of not only Car Care Awareness Month but Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Each study followed women and what they ate, and identified whether they developed cancer, however, it is not clear whether the risk of breast cancer could be due to other factors - such as being more or less healthy in other ways.