Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Google launches connected speaker with screen!

Google Home Hub Google Home Hub - Google Assistant With A Display
Cecil Davis | 12 October, 2018, 19:42

Google also showed off some new features coming to all smart displays.

Google Home Hub is equipped with far-field microphones, stereo speakers and a seven-inch LCD touch display.

Customers on a slightly tighter budget can opt for the iD Mobile network, which is offering the Google Pixel 3 with 1GB data for £28.99 per month and an upfront cost of £299.99 and the Google Pixel 3 XL with 1GB for £28.99 per month and a £399.99 upfront cost. Starting with the Google Home Hub, you will be able to add users to your household and let everyone have access to all of your smart home controls. The Home Hub isn't really "cheap"; it's more like Google put the bill of materials where it counts.

This makes the Home Hub a better choice for certain rooms in the house, particularly the kitchen where you can make use of the display to read recipes or watch a video on YouTube showing you how to poach an egg.

Google clearly designed the Hub to take on Amazon's Echo Show. If you have a Nest Hello Doorbell, Google says your Smart Display will now show who is at the door when someone rings. Moreover, the device will treat the same series and it will manifest in the aesthetic aspects of design.The smart display will offer customers in four colors - Chalk White (white), Charcoal (dark grey), pink and mint.

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Google's announcement of its Home Hub will bring the idea of a screen-equipped smart speaker to the forefront of Australian consumers' minds heading into Christmas. In our Assistant Showdown, Google Assistant edged out Alexa, but just barely. Home Hub can also function as a digital photoframe with Google Photos, and control your various smart home devices.

Photos: Stream photos and videos from the Google Photos app, and use as a photo frame.

It could also make a handy desk companion with its ability to keep you up to date of your schedule, the weather, traffic and plenty more info. In that respect, it's more closely related to the Chromecast and Google Home than other smart displays. Now it has started rolling out a revamped Google Home app for both iOS and Android users.

As a notable con, the Home Hub does not incorporate a built-in camera, meaning video chatting is not an option, unlike Amazon's Echo Show or the new Facebook Portal. Home Hub also connects to smart home gadgets and provides a Home View Dashboard of the entire state of a smart home.

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