Tuesday, 23 April, 2019

Google Maps now tells electric auto drivers where to find charge point

Image Source Google Image Source Google
Cecil Davis | 18 October, 2018, 03:28

"In addition, businesses that have charging stations will now feature a link to information about the chargers".

By searching in the app for "EV charging" or "EV charging station", the nearest supported stations for selected charging providers around the world will display on the map, enabling EV drivers to pick out the nearest station and then request directions to it. So, if one is located in a less than savory area, or it regularly stops working, owners will be able to find a more suitable charging location.

"Our newest feature brings helpful information about electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to the Map, so you can be confident that your auto will be charged and ready for your ride, wherever you're headed".

Users will also have the opportunity to add reviews, photos and rating for each EV charging station on the map.

When you search a term like "EV station" or "electric vehicle chargers", Maps will turn up results of exactly that, complete with little EV charger icons.

Image Source Google
Image Source Google

The new functionality will show Tesla and Chargepoint stations around the world; SemaConnect, EVgo, and Blink chargers in the US; Chargemaster and Pod Point stations in the United Kingdom; and Chargefox in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia and New Zealand there is additional location info from Chargefox.

United Kingdom users will also get information about Chargemaster and Pod Point Stations.

The latest addition to Google Maps list of features benefits those who have opted to lessen their carbon footprint. Now, you can turn to Google Maps and search for "ev charging" or "EV charging stations".

However, the Mountain View firm will be adding the fresh functionality to computers in the "coming weeks".

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