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How to be a better friend to someone with mental health issues

Gustavo Carr | 11 October, 2018, 08:15

As Nepal carries out its first National Mental Health Survey, some 2.2 million Nepalis, aged between 16 - 40 years, are estimated to suffer from mental health issues and the cases are rising among children, psychiatrists have warned. The root cause? Lack of access due to cost, limited resources, funding, social stigma and distance/ability to secure an appointment.

Responding to the new post, Hancock said the United Kingdom is "already making progress when it comes to suicide prevention" as the "suicide rate is at its lowest for seven years", but "we need to do more to challenge the stigma that people with mental ill-health face and make sure they feel they can reach out for help". They can also be times of stress and apprehension.

United Kingdom journalist Hattie Gladwell initiated a Twitter thread with the hashtag detailing 'Things people have said about my mental illness.' The thread went viral, and exposed us to the kind of comments those suffering with mental illness had heard. "Within families and communities, we often remain silenced by a shame that tells us that those with mental illness are somehow less worthy or at fault for their own suffering".

It also recommended a wholesale shift to community-based care for mental health patients, with psychosocial treatments such as talking therapies being offered not just by medical professionals, but also by community health workers, peers, teachers and the clergy.

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Parents who are anxious about their children's mental wellbeing can call YoungMinds' parent helpline on 0808 802 5544 between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday. We can all learn how to offer support to loved ones going through a hard time.

Although African countries have been said to be making progress, much more can be done to build mental resilience from an early age to help prevent mental distress and illness among adolescents and young adults, and to manage recovery, the body said. People go for a physical health check-up regularly but mental health is always neglected.

The governor explained that people with mental health problems deserve love, care, understanding and support.

'Many of the issues facing our young people today, such as, bullying, suicide, the onset of major mental illnesses, the effects of trauma, and gender identity discrimination require our time and attention, global awareness and compassion, as well as new programs and guidelines on how we can protect and empower the next generation'. We have commenced the construction of primary health centres across the state to reach all Edo people and residents irrespective of where they reside.