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Hurricane Michael set to be strongest storm to ever hit Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Michael threatens Florida with 150mph winds - Live 'One Scary-Looking Storm': Watch Michael Arrive in Video from Space Station
Sandy Nunez | 11 October, 2018, 11:39

Its winds shrieking, the Category 4 storm crashed ashore in the early afternoon near Mexico Beach, a tourist town about midway along the Panhandle, a lightly populated, 200-mile stretch of white-sand beach resorts, fishing towns and military bases.

The National Hurricane Center reported maximum sustained winds near 150 miles per hour with the potential to bring risky storm surge and heavy rains to the Florida panhandle area.

The National Hurricane Center predicts Michael will stay a powerful and risky rainmaker as it moves across the U.S. Southeast and off the Mid-Atlantic coast before heading out to sea by Friday.

And some roads may also be blocked by downed power lines. A pine tree punched a hole in their roof and he said the roar of the storm sounded like a jet engine as the winds accelerated. "We thought the windows were going to break at any time", Beu said.

Ricketts called for Michael to be a tropical depression, or a post-tropical depression, by the time it gets to the WTOP listening area, and to be pushed off the coast of Virginia by the cold front.

Hurricane Michael, which tore into Florida on Wednesday, went in just two days from tropical storm status to a Category 4 hurricane, on a scale with a maximum of five.

Brock Long, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), said many Florida buildings were not built to withstand a storm above the strength of a Category 3 hurricane. That sort of timetable can make evacuations more hard to manage.

The National Weather Service office in the state capital Tallahassee issued a dramatic appeal for people to comply with evacuation orders.

What does Hurricane Michael have in store for the Carolinas? "You know, that's hard", she said, choking back tears.

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A state of emergency has been declared in several dozen counties along Florida's Panhandle and Big Bend regions.

After the space station passed over the storm, Auñón-Chancellor shared a photograph of the storm's eye.

But many people living in counties farther east in North Central Florida were spared.

Trump was briefed on the hurricane on Wednesday prior to it making landfall and said he would visit the area early next week.

Past year saw a string of catastrophic storms batter the western Atlantic - including Irma, Maria and Harvey, which caused a record-equalling US$125 billion in damage when it flooded the Houston metropolitan area. The most likely cause for such sudden changes? "We can rebuild your house, but we cannot rebuild your life", Scott said at a press conference Tuesday, warning that "this storm can kill you".

Without power, the city was plunged into darkness at nightfall and its flooded streets were mostly silent and devoid of people or traffic.

"In some sense it's a matter of chance that a hurricane happens to hit land just when it's peaking like this one", he said.

Characterized by strong winds and heavy rainfall, the hurricane of 1930 caused severe damage to the Dominican Republic.