Friday, 24 May, 2019

Hurricane Michael turns into a terrifying skull in satellite image

Michael, A Threat to Maine? Michael strengthens to Category 2 hurricane; expected to intensify
Sandy Nunez | 10 October, 2018, 19:59

With maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour, Hurricane Micheal is bearing down on the Florida panhandle this morning, having intensified into what the National Weather Service called an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 hurricane.

A short new video from the space station shows a swirling Michael moving northwest at 12 miles an hour. This is an indication of the storm's organization, and with Michael's satellite appearance actually improving as the storm approaches land, some slight further intensification is possible today before landfall near Panama City. Then it is forecast to lash the southeastern United States through Thursday.

The effects of Hurricane Michael may cause residential areas to become uninhabitable for weeks or possibly even months.

He said the storm would still have hurricane-force winds as it pushed through Florida into Georgia and tropical storm-force winds when it reaches the Carolinas, which are still reeling from post-Florence flooding.

The first rains from Michael already started to soak the Florida Keys on Monday.

"This rainfall could lead to life-threatening flash floods and mudslides", the NHC warned.

President Donald Trump, who was in Orlando delivering an address to a global association of police chiefs, said the federal government was ready and urged residents to be prepared for the worst.

Tropical Storm Michael could bring heavy rainfall to Mexico, Cuba, Gulf Coast
Scott said Michael could turn into a Category 2 storm with winds topping 100 miles per hour and could bring damaging storm surge. You can catch the forecast on ABC 27 News starting at 5:00 each weekday morning, as well as ABC 27 News at Noon.

"Can you believe it?"

"For us, this storm is not going to be like Fran, Florence or Michael", she said.

At a Tallahassee hotel, Lou Bassett was trying to make the most of having his family's beach vacation in Cape San Blas abruptly curtailed as he unloaded sandy strollers and luggage from his vehicle while one of his sons looked on grumpily. The storm is expected to bring with it howling winds over 200 kmh, torrential rain, and substantial flooding.

"This storm can kill you", Governor Rick Scott has warned. Scott declared a state of emergency in 35 Florida counties, mostly encompassing rural areas known for small tourist cities, beaches, wildlife reserves and Tallahassee, the state capital.

Hurricane Michael is projected to make landfall along the western Florida coast on Wednesday and pass through parts of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

While eyes in space watch the risky storm from above, cameras on the ground are tracking the hurricane's impending landfall for live internet viewing.

At their most fearsome, these low-pressure weather fronts pack more power than the energy released by the atomic bomb that levelled Hiroshima.