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In a shocking move, Netflix cancels Marvel's Iron Fist after two seasons

Iron Fist Is Cancelled; Show May Continue On Disney’s Streaming Service In a shocking move, Netflix cancels Marvel's Iron Fist after two seasons
Adrian Cunningham | 14 October, 2018, 03:25

The mystic-powered marital arts expert Danny Rand used his skills as Iron Fist to fight evil and keep NY safe.

Iron Fist has been cancelled by Netflix. We're thankful to fans who have watched these two seasons and for the partnership we've shared on this series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the online streaming platform has chosen not to renew Marvel drama, Iron Fist for a third season. The show's first season had awful reviews, and while the second season was perceived better, it appears that Season 1 really shut viewers off of ever tuning back in again. Netflix does not share its viewing numbers, but apparently they believed that Iron Fist was not performing well enough to justify a third season. This is the first cancellation among Netflix's Marvel shows, though The Defenders is now in limbo with no second season plans at the moment. Though EW staffer Chancellor Agard wasn't a huge fan of the first two seasons, he felt the season 2 finale showed promise. (Turn back now if you aren't caught up.) Season 2 ended with Colleen Wing taking on the Heart of the Dragon, effectively becoming New York's new Iron Fist. I have an enormous amount of love and respect for everyone involved with the last two seasons of this show.

Iron Fist
In a shocking move, Netflix cancels Marvel's Iron Fist after two seasons

Blessed to have taken this journey and grateful for the ongoing support, ' he added.

It was weird, wild, and now-unless Disney decides to revive the series-will probably be the last we see of Danny Rand for a good long while.

Netflix's and star Finn Jones' original statements on the cancelation were ambiguous, leaving open the possibility of the character returning, though stopping short of actually confirming the future of the show's characters.

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