Thursday, 23 May, 2019

Instagram Says It Will Now Detect Bullying in Photos

This Instagram star isn't what she seems Instagram is now using machine learning to detect bullying in image uploads
Cecil Davis | 12 October, 2018, 08:45

The social network is employing machine learning to help proactively detect bullying in photos, which will then be reviewed by a human moderator.

That's why today we're announcing our latest tools to help combat bullying, including a new way to identify and report bullying in photos.

According to the reports, users have already learned to bypass the text filter on Instagram by posting a photo they tend to bully or harass or other such negative purposes, however, after this feature is rolled out completely, it will block off the bullying-related content completely.

The AI tool also detects bullying in captions and comments, including attacks on someone's appearance or well-being, according to an Instagram spokesperson.

The move will prevent users from posting defamatory notes as photos or images containing obscene, bullying or harassment-inducing content. So even if bullying doesn't get reported, the platform will be able to identify it.

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It is also aimed at protecting Instagram's youngest members, since teens often experience high rates of online torment.

Apart from that, a filter that enables Instagram users to detect and hide predatory remarks from Instagram feeds or profiles was extended to comments on live videos, Mosseri added.

As of now, the anti-bullying feature is available for photos and videos and will be available across the platform in coming weeks but it will soon roll out for IGTV soon. This is being done to promote Live as a safe and fun place where one can share moments with their friends in real time. Do you agree with the use of artificial intelligence in wiping out inappropriate comments or photos on the social media app?

When you select the effect in selfie mode, hearts will fill the screen, and you'll be encouraged to tag a friend. The rear camera shows "kindness" in multiple languages.

And in case you aren't following Maddie, and you see the effect on someone's Story, just tap "Try it' to add the filter to your camera".