Sunday, 26 May, 2019

Meghan Markle's ex-husband Trevor Engelson gets married

How Duchess Meghan wants to change the world Samantha Markle Opens Up About Letter She Hand-Delivered To Kensington Palace: ‘Only Meghan Can Make This Better’
Adrian Cunningham | 10 October, 2018, 19:23

Meghan and Trevor's marriage was an understated beach wedding in Jamaica witnessed by 102 guests - quite the contrast to the global spectacle of her Windsor wedding to heir to the British throne Prince Harry.

She continues: "You know that's not true and so to let that happen, come on Meg, have a heart, I know you're a woman, I know you have a heart in there".

To exacerbate an already embarrassing and volatile situation, Samantha Markle took a plane from Florida to London and arrived at Kensington Palace this past weekend.

Trevor initially married Meghan Markle in 2011 after the pair met in 2004 at university before she became famous on suits.

Markle, her other siblings and children were not invited to Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding in May. "I'm pretty mature, I'm pretty composed, I'm not the kind of person that's turned away", Markle said, adding that she had a "wonderful experience".

As for a direct plea to her 37-year-old half-sister, Samantha had a lot to say. "I think she needs to put him in the spotlight for being an incredible dad and I think she needs to be truthful about it", she says.

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While she would not disclose the exact contents of the letter, she stated that it concerned their father, Thomas Markle Sr., who was forced to skip the royal wedding due to a health scare and was caught in a scandal with paparazzi. "It's very disrespectful to address the queen, so no, I'm not going that route".

He is reportedly estranged from his father and said the last time he saw the woman he calls "Auntie Meghan" was "probably about three years ago".

"Addressing her is not appropriate", says Markle of the monarch. "The Royal World's veritable melting pot of global aristocrats will show what it really means to be young and royal", Craig Orr, VP Commissioning and Development for MTV International, said in a statement. "She needs to do the right thing".

"The Palace doesn't want to dignify any of it because it just adds fuel to the fire".

Despite reports that she was "turned away", Samantha told the Daily Mail that her visit went exactly as she intended.

"Meghan loves her new role", the source continued. "Dad pretty much raised her most of her life on his own and Doria was not around very much".